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Bringing Talent To You

Let’s Get to Work

KFI Staffing is revolutionizing the workforce landscape through our unique staffing model that focuses on talent, housing, and transportation solutions. We bring a diverse, nationally sourced workforce to your organization.

Our commitment goes beyond recruitment; we provide housing accommodations for our employees and ensure transportation to and from work for all shifts. The long-term impact of our model extends to your bottom line, as we drive increased retention, reduced turnover, and boost overall productivity.

Housing and Transportation

Housing and Transportation Support

We support our placed employees with their housing and transportation needs, ensuring they’re comfortable to begin their new role.


High-Volume Needs

 Our experts specialize in sourcing, screening, and placing a high volume of qualified candidates. KFI Staffing aims to ensure that your organization is equipped with the right talent when you need it. 

Nationally Sourced Talent

Nationwide Presence

Not only do we source talent nationwide, but we’re able to provide employees to different locations across the country. 

The KFI Staffing Difference

Our model stands out by offering a comprehensive solution that goes beyond simple talent acquisition. By specializing in sourcing unskilled general labor talent on a national level, we provide your organization with access to a diverse and expanded pool of workers.

KFI Staffing takes responsibility for the accommodation of our placed employees, ensuring they have reliable housing and transportation while working for your organization. This not only contributes to employee satisfaction but also minimizes potential disruptions in their work-life balance.


250+ Employees

Our clients typically have 250+ employees on their payroll between office positions and general labor positions.

Locations Nationwide

Our partners are located across the continental United States, with multiple locations.

20+ Immediate Openings

We fill high volume needs and can place 20+ people at multiple locations.


General Labor

We specialize in general labor such as finishing, entry level operators, picking, packing, assembly, production, distribution and material handlers.

Long Term Needs

Our goal is to help level-set your workforce in every season.

45+ Hours Per Week

Our associates are hardworking individuals that want are willing to put in the time and grow your company.

Applicant Screening Process

At KFI Staffing, we prioritize the well-being and success of the employees we place. Our comprehensive employment screening encompasses background checks, drug screening, e-verify, and onboarding. Our thorough onboarding process is designed to introduce new team members, providing the support and information they need to thrive in their new roles. Together, these measures represent our commitment to building a secure, compliant, and thriving workplace for everyone.

Our background check is a comprehensive examination of an individual’s personal, professional, and criminal history. It involves investigating various sources, such as criminal records and employment history, to assess a person’s reliability to ensure they’ll be a good fit for your company.

In a manufacturing setting, where sobriety is crucial for job performance and safety, our drug screening is a process designed to detect the presence of illicit substances or prescription medications in an individual’s system.

Typically conducted through saliva or urine samples, these drug screenings aim to assess a person’s drug use history and adherence to substance-related policies.

E-Verify is a U.S Government electronic verification system that  confirms the eligibility of employees to work legally in the United States. This web-based program compares the information provided by employees on their Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification, against records maintained by the Department of Homeland Security and the Social Security Administration.

E-Verify helps employers ensure that their workforce is authorized to work, promoting compliance with immigration laws and maintaining a legal and qualified workforce.

KFI Staffing’s onboarding process is a structured series of activities and procedures through which a new employee is introduced into a company or organization. It includes in-house orientation sessions, completion of paperwork, introduction to company policies, and training on job responsibilities.

The onboarding process aims to familiarize new hires with your company’s culture to facilitate a smooth transition into their roles, and ensure they have the necessary resources and information to contribute effectively to the organization.

Build a Diverse Team