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KFI Staffing arranges all housing accommodations and executes corporate leases. Clients are not responsible for any housing costs or management.  

KFI Staffing will only commit to the furnishing of employees after the KFI Staffing agreement has been signed by all parties. The timing of onboarding employees can vary from assignment to assignment and depends oftentimes on the availability of housing. 

Head over to our “Contact” page to begin the conversation. You will be introduced to our Director of Sales, Brent Johnson. We will dive into your current staffing challenges and solutions as well as learn more about the unique KFI Staffing model. 

Yes, there are multiple options for converting employees to direct employment.

We currently specialize in unskilled, general labor. For example, our staff’s job titles include (but are not limited to): assembly line workers, finishing, picking, packing, general labor, entry level operator, distribution workers, production associate, etc.  

KFI Staffing specializes in supporting manufacturers across the U.S. KFI Staffing is able to provide employees for most manufacturing industries.

Some examples of industries we work with include: high-volume production, warehouses, distribution centers, glass, window, and door production, food production and distribution, lumber and cooperage, foundry and metal production, home appliances, etc.

KFI Staffing provides daily transportation for employees to and from work.

KFI Staffing aims for 100% employee retention but if someone is not a good fit, we will coach and/or replace that employee.

KFI Staffing charges an hourly rate that will be described in our agreement with the customer.

KFI Staffing will work with you to onboard employees in smaller groups, and the details can be worked out in the contractual agreement.

KFI Staffing employees are paid weekly.  

All KFI Staffing employees pass a background check as well as a saliva drug screen prior to onboarding and employment. 

Please note that the following questions and responses are illustrative only and each engagement is different. The specifics of each engagement are set forth in a definitive agreement executed by the parties.